art journal 365: project introduction

After last year’s less artistic and more personal (and much for text-oriented) 365 good days project, I wanted to this year’s daily project to again be more aesthetically focused (more like my 366 sketches projects from 2012).

In 2014, I will be daily posting one of my visual journal spreads.  I feel it is relevant to mention that each page spread will not have been created on the day the images are posted.  I assume some will, but the majority will not.  In fact, many of the pages will have been created at any time from 2010 to present. I would love to have the motivation, time, dedication, and resources to make a page spread and publish it every single day.  However, I know me–and I know the  confines of, “Hey, me, you have to totally do this one thing that can take an uncertain amount of time everyday, even if you are stupid-busy, sick, on holiday, or you know, in the middle of picking up your entire life and moving it to North Dakota from that tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean where you now live,” is simply setting myself up for imminent failure.

I am simply continuing to art journal as I have for years–off and on, as the mood and motivation strikes me. I have an abundance of pages I have created of the past years and no real platform with which to share them. Therefore, this project seemed ideal for the new year. Enjoy-

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