commission: compiled by your sweet mother

This work meant a lot to me, primarily because I knew how much it meant to the woman who commissioned it.  My client had a collection of letters and well-loved family recipes, collected though decades.  These recipe cards were beautiful–they were hand-written cursive, or typewritten, stained from years of use, discolored as the papers aged.

I have never been much into cooking or baking.  However, I do understand the importance family recipes hold for people, as well as the fact that keeping and trading traditional recipes is now an almost lost art form.  People can have an emotional connection to these odd bits of what essentially becomes intrinsic to their family histories.  The fact that my client trusted me with these important items meant a lot to me.  I scanned and reprinted all of her letters, notes, and recipes (keeping the originals unarmed and still readable/useable).  My client wanted a larger work, using these documents, as well as heavy textural elements and other imagery that reminded her of her cherished memories of her loving mother.

In-progress, image 1
In-progress, image 1
In-progress, image 2
In-progress, image 2
In-progress, image 3
In-progress, image 3
In-progress, image 4
In-progress, image 4
Complied by your sweet mother, 24in x 24in mixed media collage on canvas, 2014
Compiled by your sweet mother • 24in x 24in • Mixed media collage • Carly Swenson • 2014
detail image 1
Detail image 1 • Carly Swenson • 2014
detail image 3
detail image 3 • Carly Swenson • 2014
edge/textural detail image
edge/textural detail image

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  1. Oh good. I’m glad that you appreciate my total acceptance of butterfly cup’s appearance in this piece. But I just want you to think for a moment: WHAT IF YOU WERE DRINKING COFFEE AND BUTTERFLIES STARTED COMING OUT OF YOUR CUP? WHAT THEN SWENSON?

    (I hope I’m not ruining your art blog with these comments)


  2. Carly, This piece is one of my favorites of what you’ve done. I have recipes written by my grandmother who had only a 4th grade education. Penmanship isn’t the greatest but it is wonderful having it. Also some my mother wrote on penny post cards. She always had a penny post card in the pocket and it was what she wrote on when nothing else was available. What you did here brought back some wonderful memories of them.


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