i’m thirty–

Miss Morris with my on the sofa this morning.
Miss Morris with my on the sofa this morning.

As I sit on the sofa this morning, drinking my warm coffee, with a little white dog nuzzled up next to me, falling asleep and I can’t help but feel content.  The sunlight is streaming through the French doors in the living room in the distance I can see the ocean.   My husband is on his computer next to me, enjoying his own coffee in our very routine weekend ritual.  The only real difference is more internal.  Today, I am thirty.  I am officially out of my twenties.  Being thirty isn’t daunting for me.  This year, March 1, does hold a subtle impending sadness, but it has nothing to do with my inevitable ageing.

Every day is better with coffee from a kitty mug.
Every day is better with coffee from a kitty mug.

March 1, means we have only thirty days left here on the gorgeous island of Terceira, concluding our three years of life in the middle of the Atlantic.  Living here has been such an amazing experience.  I am filled with such love for the friends I have here.  I will miss seeing the endless expanse of ocean every day.  I will miss the amazing local foods, and wine.  I will miss summer days at the swimming holes.  Life here moves at a beautifully relaxed pace here, and the majority of locals I have met have been so tremendously kind and genuine.  On several occasions, I have received directions from strangers.  Kind people have given me a ride home when stranded in the rain or helped when my motor overheated on the side of the road.

My heart fills with love reflecting on our time here.  I know it is time for a new start in my life as we head to the exotic lands of North Dakota on March 30.  While moving to Grand Forks is ultimately fine with me, I can’t help the strange sadness I feel at the idea of leaving Europe after seven years abroad.

Regardless of the huge impending changes coming to my life over the next few months–finding a new home, new job, re-establishing myself locally as an artist, meeting new nice humans, unpacking all our earthly possessions in said new home and all the other stressful nonsense that likes to pop up throughout the process of moving from one country to another–today I am thirty.

And today, I am happy where I currently am in my life.  I am content with the events that have brought me to this point.  I am grateful to the kind humans who have loved and supported me, and even grateful for the horrible humans who have served to make me stronger and have taught me life-long lessons.  I look forward to the future, hoping for the best.

Oh, and I have this little white dog who loves me every day.  That makes life nice too.

Seriously, how can this not make you smile?
Seriously, how can this not make you smile?  If you aren’t smiling right now, you may not have a soul, and you should probably contact your family physician. 

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  1. A very happy 30th to you dear Carly. I have to say that is a mind blower- it seems like just yesterday i was meeting with you about your senior show! The winter has been brutal. I wish you luck with this move- really from one extreme to another! You have a standing invitation to visit Carly. I would love nothing more than a studio play day here with you- Love to you


    1. I hear this winter has been nuts. I am not used to the cold anymore. I know that will be a bit of a shock. At least, we are arriving at the end of it.

      I am excited to get back to somewhere I am sort of used to. I figure if I can’t get to mainland Europe, it will be fun to go someplace familiar for a while.


  2. Happy Birthday Carly! Enjoy the day, enjoy your last little bit away from the U.S., and enjoy all the upcoming changes in your life. Sounds like you’re ready, psychically. Everything else will fall into place.


  3. :) The name of my blog comes from that very experience – of turning 30 and slowly realising that I felt so genuinely happy and contented for the first time in my life.
    Long may it continue – Happy Birthday and many happy returns for the day :) x


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