commission: meant to be…

This was the last commissioned piece I created before I left the island.  This work was fun because my client provided almost all the materials.  It was an enjoyable challenge to figure out how to best make all the elements work together into one interesting yet not-overly-chaotic piece.  This artwork encompasses many different bits of... Continue Reading →

sete pecados sociais/seven social sins: collaborative art workshop

I intended to write about this almost a year ago now.  The museum's community art education department also hosted their usual youth art workshops thematically related my Seven Social Sins exhibition at the Angra Museum from February 23-June 9 of 2013. However, life happened, and I was only able to help with a couple of the workshops.... Continue Reading →

commission: kindness is all around

This is the fourth and final work of a commissioned set of 12in x 12in.  (Here are the image progressions from the first, second and third works in this series.)  I loved creating this series.  I was able to play with various vivid color combinations and textures, which is always very fun for me.

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