making a house a home II

Small bathroom, before

This is the upstairs bathroom in our rental.  The landlord mentioned she hated the orange-sherbet color and had intended to paint it before they rented the house, but hadn’t got around to it.  Since my husband and I were waiting a month for the majority of our household goods to arrive, I was delightedly offered to take on the project myself.  I liked the warmth of the original color, however it was a bit intense.

I chose a warm cream/light yellow color.  Of course, since the first layer of paint was darker than my color, it took two coats.  However, the bathroom is small, and the paint dried quickly.  I was able to paint my two layers in one afternoon.


Small bathroom, after
Small bathroom, after
Green damask contact paper on the cabinets, because it looks fun.
Green damask contact paper on the cabinets, because it looks fun.

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  1. You’re lucky… wish I could make a rental more my own… all the doors in our house are painted blue (yuck!)

    1. Well, in all fairness, we are sort-of helping out landlords make the place better too. But yea, it is nice to have things more to our own taste.

  2. QueenSasha says:

    So cute! where did you get that awesome contact paper?

    1. Target–they had a decent selection. I thought it was pretty.

      1. QueenSasha says:

        oh man I wish target shipped here!

        1. Target is one of the few shopping places I did miss when living on the tiny island.

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