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  1. I love how you pulled words out of the book page Carly! Terrific idea.

    1. Thanks. I can’t take credit for coming up with that. I had seen other artists do things like that with altered book pages and I loved the aesthetic. Thanks also for taking the time to check out my blog.

  2. You really manage to make your art journal very feminine (even in a more modern and bold way) without it being “girly”. Well done. It’s not easy to bring together those tones of pink and purple without feeling the cliche’ of seventeen magazine, etc. I hope that made sense, lol

    1. That is a good point. I had never thought that it might come off too girly-ish. Really, I just play with whatever inks I have handy until they run out. With this project I am trying to get into the process, and not over-think it. I have a tendency to want to apply a deeper meaning to everything–so sometimes it is hard to relax and just play.

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