making a house a home V

Windowsill This isn’t a post about renovation or redecorating our rental home.  This is simply my favorite room in our house.  Once my studio is set up, I finally feel at home.  However, it is a rare moment when I am able capture an image of this room–clean.  My husband has proposed the theory, on more than one occasion, that my studio is basically my figurative fishbowl.  I will utterly take over any amount of space I am given.

Art studio 1
Art studio 1
Art studio 2
Art studio 2
Art Studio
Art Studio 3
Art studio 3
Art studio 4
Art studio 4
Art studio 5

Alright, and now, I will inevitably make this room absurdly messy–again.

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  1. Fantastic studio space! I am envious since any work I do is done on the dining room table in our sun room. Originally I thought the basement might work but my husband occupies two areas with some windows and the only available space left has no natural light. Creating in a cave doesn’t work for me! I should also mention the unlit space also houses years of accumulation from living in a larger home. Oh well.


    1. I am really lucky. A studio space was sort of a requirement for my husband and I to live together. When I am working I like to be able to leave everything out and pick up where I left off, and he can’t handle how messy I am. So as long as I have a room where I can shut the door and hide it, he is happy.

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