artist’s way II: week five artist date

Brave Intuitive Painting, Flora Bowley

I found this book at the art store.  I am not entirely sure why I was drawn to it–but I was.  A week later, I was buying more art-supply-goodness and purchased it on a whim.  I figured it would be a good start for an artist date, and it was.  I was very pleased with this book, her work is stunning and inspiring.  Her ideas and concepts were easy to understand and apply to artist play.

Despite my persistent efforts to fully lose myself in the process of creating art, ignoring  preconceived ideas of what the results should be, or the eventual interpretations of the finished works–I still struggle.

For Week Five, I sat down on the floor of my studio, using a yellow-heavy color palette (which is unusual for me.)  I listened to Florence & the Machine as inspiration (because I find her voice and lyrics make my heart feel beautiful and move-y).  I did my best to let go, feel the music, and follow my artist intuitions.

I am not overwhelmingly pleased with the final piece I created.  However, I did enjoy painting it.  I rarely work in only acrylic.  I am not opposed to it, I guess I find it limiting?  I do intend to try this exercise more, and see how my painted imagery develops.  This work feels derivative for me, as if I simply fell back on brush strokes, lines, shapes, and textures I feel comfortable utilizing.  Regardless of how boring I may find my finished work, the artist date was a success, and I can also use this canvas as a background for a mixed media collage work later on.

Artist Date 5
Artist Date 5
Detail image 1
Detail image 1
Detail image 2
Detail image 2
Detail image 3
Detail image 3

4 Replies to “artist’s way II: week five artist date”

  1. Oh, that book is fun. I read it last year and had a lot of fun with some of the ideas. I may have even left splatters of bright red paint on my hardwood floors in the process. :) Glad to see you had fun with it as well. I know you will transform it into something you really love.


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