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  1. A little jealous of how awesomely simply and whimsically that jelly fish was done. ;)

    1. Thanks. I am really drawn to jellyfish for some reason.

      1. Yeah, their fluidity is captivating. And the fact that something so fragile looking is dangerous is equally intriguing.

        1. Yes! That is it exactly.

  2. color sugar coated piece of awesomeness!*

  3. authormbeyer says:

    I really relate to the cartoony parts of your process. Then you turn it into colorful vegetable soup of parts and colors and washes and foggy swirls that might at first seem a big mess, but when I examine it carefully, like the vegetable soup, it turns out to be good for me.

    1. Thanks! With these collages and my recent acrylic paintings I have been trying to work more intuitively, just focusing on letting the process take the painting where it will, and then fine-tuning it at the end. Anyway, I am so pleased you can relate to aspects of my work and that you take the time to check out my blog.

      1. authormbeyer says:

        I follow an art quest of my own, though I lean more towards story-telling. I deeply appreciate blogs like yours where I can see more than the final result. Thank you for taking the time to teach me a little about your process.

        1. That is great, I think art can certainly capture a story. I have never been good with illustration or cartooning. I appreciate that others have those abilities.

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