art journal 365: in conclusion

At 247 daily visual journal spreads, I am discontinuing this project.  I was obviously hoping to post 365, one for each day of 2014, but it turned out to be a larger project than I had initially anticipated.  The process of moving back to the US from overseas meant I was without my household goods (art supplies) for about two and a half months which also hindered my project.  While I have made a lot of pages I really like, I feel the quality on many of them is starting to slip too drastically.  I enjoy the process and playing with various techniques, however, the pressure of keeping up with daily postings is taking a lot of the pleasure out of art journaling.

Therefore, if I am no longer enjoying the project, and the quality is not ideal, if figured it was time to bring 2014’s Art Journal 365 to an end.  Thank you, of course, to those kind humans who have continually returned to my blog to check out the latest daily postings, and in 2015 I plan to take on another daily project.  In the meantime, I will of course continue posting about my experiences working through the Artist’s Way, my image progressions of recently finished works, and any other interesting goodness that comes to mind.  Hearts.

12 Replies to “art journal 365: in conclusion”

    1. They are great! Soup (the greyhound mix) misses her big yard, but we still have enough of a yard that she can chase her ball and squirrels, and her little sister can chase her–it is darling. They are doing very well.:)


        1. We adopted the dog and cat in England, and then our second little white dog (Dr. Morris) in the Azores. They all traveled better than I could have hoped, even with the delays.


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