110 furry lives: no. 58

no. 58: Harriet
no. 58: Harriet {Harriet is an adorable little old lady who makes my heart happy every time I see her.  She came to us in a pile of matted fur, she couldn’t see.  She seemed to have lost the desire to live. She rarely moved, and showed little sign of life. A vet had to sedate her to remove the matted fur around her feet.  One was so bad, the claw had curled around into the pad of her foot.  Anyway, you can clearly see she is healing up very well.  Harriet is a super sweetheart.  She follows us around in the mornings when she is visiting the shelter, or just lays down and happily watches the world around her.  She is available for adoption and despite her past neglect, she has a huge warm heart and a lot of love to give.}

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  1. good luck Harriet, may you soon find a golden basket !

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