110 furry lives: no. 64

no. 64: Molly
no. 64: Molly {I love Molly.  I would adopt her in a heartbeat if we could have another dog.  I think she is some sort of Terrier/Dachshund mix.  She was so scared when she arrived.  But now, she is a happy girl, excited to be alive and share her love.}
Sweet face.
Sweet face.  Interested in adoption?  Find her here.

4 thoughts on “110 furry lives: no. 64

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  1. good luck Molly, hope someone comes for you soon ! I went to the adoption site for Molly just to see the pictures of the dogs, I saw how many there were in NY !!!! OMG there were almost 1400 dogs !!!!!


    1. It is crazy. I wish people would spay and nueter more. And stopped breeding. I mean, there are just so many animals–it is impossible to find homes for all of them. But we are doing what we can.


      1. It is crazy yes, there are to many people who do what they do before thinking first ! or they just don’t care and think oh it’s just a dog, people who think of dogs as” just a dog” should not have one !!!! same with cats and other pets. It woud be nice to give everyone who wants a pet a course and an exam first so that they know what to expect and what to do, if they fail their exam well they’ll have to come back for another course. Alas we do not live in a perfect world…..


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