110 furry lives: no. 105

no. 25: Tippy
no. 25: Tippy {Tippy is a little more she than her puppy-brother, but she is cute as a button and I love to just cuddle her.  She is an adorable-baby-fluff-monster and I am sure she will find a loving home soon.}

2 thoughts on “110 furry lives: no. 105

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  1. OMG how cute can they be ??!! I’m sure she’ll be snapped up by the first person who wants to adopt a dog !!!! I have adopted another Spanish homeless dog, a small Malteser as my other dog needs a little friend, I so hope they’ll get on like a house on fire !!! She’ll fly in from Spain on Saturday and we can collect her at the airport in Brussels, I am sooo excited !


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