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  1. memadtwo says:

    I hope you will not stop at 110…

    1. Good luck handsome ! I posted a picture of my dogs on my blog today.

    2. I left my job at the shelter earlier this month. So since I am not there all the time, it will be hard to keep up my photos, and I won’t be familiar with their personalities anymore. I still plan to volunteer there, but it won’t be the same. I will be starting a new daily project for 2015 though.

  2. memadtwo says:

    I’ll miss the photos, but look forward to seeing what your new project involves. Wish I could be so focused…

    1. Honestly, the fact that I am blogging is what holds me accountable. If I were just doing it on my own for me, I am sure I would lose motivation and never finish.

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