simple 365: project introduction

Every day is better with coffee from a kitty mug.
For example, every day is better with coffee from a kitty mug.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have been struggling with my depression more since my move to North Dakota last April. With the new year, I am using my daily project as an opportunity to remind myself daily of the simple beauty in the world around me. My 2015 project, Simple 365, will be a series of 365 photos capturing ordinary and effortless beauty I often overlook as I move through my days—my mind is easily preoccupied with errands, work, where I am headed to next, what I need to finish by next week, etc. The wonderful component of this challenge, is that it inevitably forces me to keep my mind and eyes open for simple easily overlooked beauty worth blogging about.

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  1. Remember to try everything~ lits if new, fufferent, stimulating experiences. Start with short book called “love yourself like your life deoends on it”~ and get excercise everyday~ move your physiology, your hormones, your perception, your emotions~ all the best to you!


  2. I know depression can make i hard to even open your eyes in the morning let alone throw off the covers and get up …I applaud your efforts to remind yourself of the simple beauty that surrounds us and look forward being reminded myself!


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