whole30: week 3

I only have a few days left of this experiment, but the last week has been the most difficult for several reasons. On the negative: To be completely honest, I hadn't finished reading It Starts with Food when I began my Whole30.  I had read into the concepts behind The Whole30, I (thought) I understood... Continue Reading →

within seven days: week no. 3

Upon the urging of my lovely friend/co-whole30-adventure-buddy, Muriel, I tried sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts this week. Rumor has it, Brussels sprouts are the new Kale.  So basically, that means they won't taste great, but their nutritional magic is so amazing everyone will ignore their distinct lack of decent flavor. With that in mind, my... Continue Reading →

within seven days: week no. 2 (trying new recipes) whole30: week 1

Just after concluding my first week of Whole30, I am feeling good. I am not-wow-this-is-changing-my-life-I-am-perfect-and-have-endless-energy-good, but more of a pleasantly surprised oh-I-can-totally-do-this-good. I was surprised that I didn’t have more intense cravings, headaches or mood swings from my sudden cease of sugar consumption. Perhaps, it was because I have stopped eating sugar before, so I... Continue Reading →

within seven days: project introduction

In addition to my Simple 365 daily posts, I am also forcing myself out of my comfort zone with my weekly adventures I've decided to call Within Seven Days.  I have a tendency to irrationally fear unfamiliar circumstances. This includes anything from seemingly simple activities (such as walking into a new coffee shop) to more elaborate... Continue Reading →

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