within seven days: week no. 2 (trying new recipes) whole30: week 1

Just after concluding my first week of Whole30, I am feeling good. I am not-wow-this-is-changing-my-life-I-am-perfect-and-have-endless-energy-good, but more of a pleasantly surprised oh-I-can-totally-do-this-good. I was surprised that I didn’t have more intense cravings, headaches or mood swings from my sudden cease of sugar consumption. Perhaps, it was because I have stopped eating sugar before, so I knew what to expect? Or it might have been that I had a month to mentally prepare myself for giving up foods that consisted of at least half my diet.

On the Negative:
I began the Whole30 with a bit of a cold that I still seem to be fighting off. According to the Whole30 timeline, this isn’t unusual, since apparently my immune system, hormones and digestive system are working to adjust as I’m switching to my new-happy-diet.

I was a little irritable and my body also felt slightly out of sorts for the first few days, as it seemed to be readjusting itself, however, it bad as I expected.

Days 3 and 4, as predicted by the timeline, I was exhausted. I just felt drained. I took a nap for almost four hours on the afternoon of Day 3 and still slept fine through the night.

On some evenings since about Day 4, I have been experiencing light headaches off and on. They haven’t been bad, more of a slight annoyance.

On the Positive:
I can cook. I don’t mean that I am an amazing cook, but I am not a bad cook either. I’m able to prepare a meal for myself, by following a recipe, with relative ease—and it tastes good. So—that was a delightful surprise.

Also, I am pretty sure that I have consumed more eggs and vegetables in the past week than I have in my life—ever (speaking hyperbolically). It’s impressive. I am averaging 8-13 servings of fruits & vegetables a day (mainly veggies). I don’t know if that is a positive, but snacking on veg can’t be a negative either, right?

Following the Whole30 is easier than I expected. As strange as it might sound, I am enjoying this new healthier relationship with food.

I’m not experiencing an overabundance of energy. However, I am not as tired and lethargic as I normally am. I don’t constantly want to nap (well, with the obviously exceptions of Day 3 & 4).

I am looking slimmer around the waist, which I know from my previous experience, is a benefit of not eating sugar. I am missing milk in my coffee, but coconut milk has helped ease the transition.

Interested in some of the recipes I have tried this week (although, I did make substitutions and ingredient additions)? Here they are–

~Paleo Shepherd’s Pie
~Paleo Zucchini Fritters
~Mini Egg Pizzas
~Oven-Roasted Veggies
~Walnut & Kale Pesto
~Banana Pancakes

Now on to week two–

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  1. I’m so glad you’re not actually experiencing 30 Days of Misery! I remember thinking this in June, and found myself thinking it this week — there are so many good foods that we ignore when we’re eating “normally.” Oven roasted cauliflower is freaking awesome. Why don’t I make that instead of macaroni and cheese anyway?


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