whole30: week 2

Happy me, although this cat makes me far happier that this Whole30 business.
Happy me selfie, although this cat makes me far happier that this Whole30 business.

I am now half-way through this Whole30 experiment. So that makes me happy.

On the negative:
I think my biggest complaint at this point is that I am bored with my food.  I will have to try new recipes these coming weeks, because thoughts of pizza have been filling my mind.  I miss cheese.  According to the projected Whole30 timeline, the food dreams were expected around Day 4. However, I didn’t have any until Day 10.  What is both impressive and annoying about food dreams, is the nagging guilt.  I felt guilty in my dream, and I woke up still feeling bad.

When working through The Whole30, there are no cheat days and no treats.  If you cheat, you have to start over at Day 1.  Now that I am over fifteen days in, I can’t imagine having to start over at the beginning.

Days 10-15 are expected to be boundless energy and comfort food cravings.  While I don’t want to nap all the time (which is nice), I’m also not experiencing any of this generally reported boundless energy. Although, the cravings are certainly prevalent. You know what sounds awesome?  Cupcakes. Pasta Alfredo. Ice cream. Cookies. Grilled cheese sandwiches. Pizza. Creamy tomato soup…

You know what doesn’t sound awesome? Eggs. Again.

My sleeping habits seem the same.  I still take about 45-60 mins. to fall asleep.  However, I do wake up in a better mood.

On the positive:
I have slimmed down (I don’t know how much, because I am not allowed on the scale or measuring until the thirty days are over).  I now fit into some of my size 6 jeans, that I haven’t fit for a couple of years, but kept around because:
A#1 Jeans for tall women are super expensive, and…
B#2 I have maintained that hope that I might fit them again

As I mentioned, my mood has certainly improved.  However, it is difficult to say if that is because of my changed eating habits or the fact that I have several wonderful local art opportunities in the works, as well as a new job I’m enjoying.

I am still cooking, which has built my confidence in the kitchen despite a couple of very failed experiments, I am referring to you, Mr. Sea Scallops.  I also miss the ability to eat out at restaurants, since apparently, it is nearly impossible to find whole30-friendly/approved foods on a menu.

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