within seven days: week no. 3

These are b russell sprouts.
These are Brussels sprouts.  I ate them.

Upon the urging of my lovely friend/co-whole30-adventure-buddy, Muriel, I tried sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts this week.

Rumor has it, Brussels sprouts are the new Kale.  So basically, that means they won’t taste great, but their nutritional magic is so amazing everyone will ignore their distinct lack of decent flavor. With that in mind, my expectations for Brussels sprouts were low.

Sweet potatoes are better than Thanksgiving would lead you to believe.

However, I made myself try them, because I am trying new things in 2015, and I generally trust Muriel.  First, I made Brussels sprouts chips, which didn’t turn out crispy for me, but did taste fine. I will definitely be trying the recipe again sometime.  Secondly, I simply sautéed several with some butter and garlic, and they were good.  So, I am happy to say, I was wrong.  Brussels Sprouts are now a-okay in my book.

I have always viewed sweet potatoes as those creepy-smelling-bright-orange-mush-balls I had to eat if I wanted to eat toasted marshmallow goodness at Thanksgiving dinner.  No thank you.  Even as a child I couldn’t be so easily deceived.  No marshmallows were worth putting that icky-orange-ness in my mouth.

Anyway, Muriel told me to give them a try roasted with other veggies–as opposed to “Thanksgiving style”.  So, I left my picky-eating-comfort-zone and tried the illusive sweet potato.  It was okay.  I’m glad I tried it.

4 Replies to “within seven days: week no. 3”

  1. Slice those brussel sprouts in half, spray with olive oil, add little garlic powder, salt and pepper and roast. Delicious! Also sliced a sweet potato in 1/4″ inch rounds, did the same for an apple and onion; sauteed them in a little olive oil, added a bit of apple cider vinegar, apple cider (I actually used some mango juice blend), salt, pepper and caraway seeds. I then baked them until tender with pork chops. Nice alternative to the usual baking. Love my vegetables and fruit. Don’t know if all the above is on your Whole30 plan, but worth a try down the road, if not. Sounds like you are doing great!


  2. I was going to add the idea of roasting them but I see someone else beat me to it! I used to HATE brussels sprouts… eventually (and yes also through Whole 30 last year) I tried them roasted and they turn a little sweet and nutty and they are absolutely delicious! And yes too, they are great with pork!


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