within seven days: week no. 4

I received a facial at the salon where I have recently started working as the Assistant Salon Coordinator.  A new esthetician was in training, and so I had the (lucky) task of being their practice model.  A free facial?  Heck yes.

I have a face!

However, to be honest, I have never had a facial before.  I was always somewhat scared of getting one–for two reasons.  The first reason is the simple fact that it is something I’ve never done before-if I don’t know what to expect, I’m nervous.  The second reason is that I have very sensitive skin, and I had an irrational fear that my skin would react badly, fall off and leave me as some sort of horrible-bloody-faced-monster-woman.

That didn’t happen.  I still totally have my face.  The experience was beautifully relaxing and left my skin feeling amazing.

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  1. the beautyproducts these days are really good, even the cheap ones, they are all tested, I have been a beautician for 42 years and I never had a client complaining afterward with an allergic reaction or so. what is it you do at the salon ?


    1. Yea, I was really impressed. My face had felt great for a few days now. I am basically an assistant manager-type-person. We are about to take on a spa style expansion with one of the salons, so I am there to help take on extra duties the salon coordinators need done. I also help with their social media marketing.

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