whole30: week 3

I only have a few days left of this experiment, but the last week has been the most difficult for several reasons.

On the negative:
To be completely honest, I hadn’t finished reading It Starts with Food when I began my Whole30.  I had read into the concepts behind The Whole30, I (thought) I understood the foods that were okay and not okay, and I was well into the book.  I was gaining a better understanding of how these foods had been effecting my body, and what the potential benefits of this change in diet entail.  However, I had been under the impression that butter was okay (because I had read that somewhere along way?)  So I had been eating organic salted butter the whole time.  When I realized this wasn’t was on the no-don’t-eat-that-list (only clarified butter is okay)on about Day 20, I felt like I could cry–seriously.

Twenty days in, and I realized I had been doing it all wrong.  In the Whole30, if you cheat once you have to start over at the beginning. I felt floored–as if everything I had worked for was for nothing. Thankfully, my lovely Whole30 buddy, Muriel, and my supportive husband talked me down.  Muriel reminded me I had been doing well, and while I probably won’t get my unicorn from the Whole30, it has still been well worth my time and effort.  I will still experience positive results and health benefits, because–regardless of butter, I have been eating better.  My husband reminded me I had still not eaten any sugar, alcohol, grains, or legumes for twenty days.  I hadn’t eaten any sugar in twenty days–for me, that is an achievement.

On Day 24, I attended my work Christmas party.  I wanted to go because I’m excited about my new place of employment and I looked forward to the opportunity to socialize with some of the delightful women I now call co-workers.  Despite my desire to go, I knew the event would be a struggle from the Whole30 aspect (however, I didn’t really know to what extent).

Our party started with a drink at a local bar, before we moved next door to a fantastic little Italian restaurant.  Not drinking, for me, has been more of an annoyance than a challenge. I like the occasional glass of wine with dinner, and I enjoy cocktails with friends, but not drinking hasn’t been a struggle. Dinner looked amazing. The problem was, basically everything was grain-based (at least).  The party was wonderful, our boss has rented out the restaurant for our private event, we all sat at a large table and shared the several fantastic pasta dishes family-style. It was beautiful evening with very entertaining humans–I just didn’t really eat much. It was my own fault.  I knew dinner would be difficult, and I was grateful to attend, not to mention that–obviously my dietary restrictions are my choice.  I don’t expect others to have to cater to them.

On the positive:
I have been trying more new recipes including:
~Roasted Carrots
~Garlicky Zoodles with Slivered Almonds
~Roasted Brussels Sprouts
~Baked Sweet Potato Chips
~Prosciutto-wraped Asparagus

My energy levels still aren’t boundless (maybe because of butter?), but they do seem more level.  Less fatigue, less highs and lows.  I also seem to be falling asleep quicker. I’m not sure–because it is hard to know when exactly I fall asleep.  I just know I don’t recall lying in bed waiting to fall asleep as long as usual.

I’m not sure what else.  I am growing more accustomed to this eating style, although I’d be lying if I said I weren’t excited about eating a bit more variety in a few days.

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