within seven days: week no. 7

I embraced synchronicity this week, as I stepped out of my comfort zone to contact a local blogger.  I won’t get into the relatively boring details of how this all seemed synchronicity-synchronistic(?)-synchroniciti-ness (whatever tense of that word is appropriate, or actually a word?)

Anyway, she writes this beautiful food blog and was featured in a local magazine, which was part of how I heard of her.  Although, I am not much of a cook, her personality shines through her blog, and I think that is what I found captivating.  I just sent her a simple email, because ultimately, she sounded like a really neat and genuine human–and it is also inspiring to see that creative endeavours can thrive despite feeling somewhat isolated in the cold of the midwest.

I have never really reached out to an interesting stranger (artist, writer, blogger, etc) before for several reasons–A#1 Being the super irrational person that I am, I assume I will inadvertently sound super creepy (which sort of goes along with my fear of complimenting strangers–I have been contacted by people I didn’t know in real life who enjoy my art or my blog, and it never seemed strange). B#2 I just don’t want to be a bother.

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