within seven days: week no. 8

Look, it is me, being all professional.
Look, it is me, being all professional.

This week, I accepted and began my new position as Salon Coordinator at Avant.  I have been the Assistant Salon Coordinator since early January and enjoying my new job.  The previous Salon Coordinator is a wonderful woman who had been with the business for over a decade, but she is the mother of a two-year-old and had other reasons she was ready to focus more on her home life.  While everyone was sad to see her go (including me, because she was an amazing resource and a nice human), this is an exciting opportunity for me.

While I have been offered opportunities for advancement at some of my previous jobs, I had declined for one reason or another (relatively ordinary and boring reasons, not really worth delving into).

I’d be lying if I said I weren’t a little terrified to take on this position, despite my professional abilities, previous work experience and leadership skills.  I will be working with a team of amazing and talented women, I love the Salon’s atmosphere, and the owner is a very inspiring woman.

Therefore, I am embracing this new adventure, so here I am, stepping well outside my comfort zone.

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