within seven days: week no. 14

I learned how to do smokey eyes with my new blonde hair.
I learned how to do smokey eyes with my new blonde hair.  Please ignore my tired eyes.

I went to the mall, a place I don’t really like to go anyway, especially on the weekend.  It is just really intense all the people and all the stuff, it tends to fill me with anxiety, if I’m not mentally prepared for being surrounded by so much sensory stimulus.  I was shopping for more clothing for work (black, lots and lots of black).

I wandered into Sephora, a store I feel even less comfortable in than the mall as a whole. However, now that I work within the beauty industry wearing makeup is an inevitable element of my job as a salon coordinator.  I stepped far out of my comfort zone and asked one of the very sweet (and intimidatingly pretty) associates to help me learn how to do a subtle smokey eyeshadow (one of my lovely stylists recommended I try a more drastic eyeshadow with my new hair color–yep, this is my world now).  Anyway, the lady was darling and patient with my lack of makeup knowledge.  I did end up buying some fun new makeup (did I seriously just describe makeup as fun?  Ugh.  Who am I?)

I tried something new and asked a stranger for a makeup tutorial. And she was nice.

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      1. it will come naturally ! you have to make it look as if you are not wearing make-up, the best tip I can give you is : when you put make-up on take a mirror and take it outside and then look at your face, if you used too much it’ll show as the bathroom usually is too dark to see the result in daylight, for the evening too as the bathroom will then be too bright, know what I medan ?


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