2014: acknowledged or not..

Artist Statement:

This is a unique body of work because it exemplifies my recent shift to focus on the internal intuitive process of creating art. Previously, when developing a body of work, I’d concentrate on the final message I wanted to convey in my pieces. I would then work backwards to visually meet that conscious objective.

These mixed media works were created working solely from my artistic intuition. I kept my mind open and relaxed, enjoying the beauty of the creative process, while intentionally working to not over-think the piece. I allowed myself to embrace the visuals that felt right.

When finishing each mixed media collage piece, I included an excerpt from my stream of conscious writings I had in various notebooks from the past several years (an exercise I started when I worked through The Artist’s Way). The text adds another layer–an intentional use of raw intuitive writing.

Sharing these excerpts also created a vulnerability, thoughts from the recesses of my mind—whether mundane, revelatory, sad, or insightful. I want my potential audience to have that brief honest glimpse into me as a woman beyond my work and interpret their own feelings and meaning from there.




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