within seven weeks: week no. 23

Wine with lovely ladies. 2015
Wine with lovely ladies.  Helix Wine Bar, Grand Forks, 2015

When moving to a new city, it is always difficult to make new friends.  With my social anxiety, I have a tendency to very-much-genuinely want to spend time with new people when they invite me.  However, by the time that day comes around, I get super nervous–what will we talk about?  Am I dressed okay?  Will they get my sense of humor?  What if they figure out I am weird?  Many times, these anxious thoughts win out, I get nauseous, and end up making some excuse to not go out.  This week, I didn’t let myself do that.  I felt all the same fears when this lovely lady, Hillary invited me out to a local wine bar with her and one of her friends–but I pushed through it, and I went.  I also had a great time.  We were out for almost 4 hours, eating, chatting, and drinking delicious wine.

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