within seven weeks: week no. 25

Eurobus 2015!  Some of my BSU EuroSpring classmates and me.
Eurobus 2015! Some of my BSU EuroSpring classmates and me.
Selfie at Brits Pub in Minneapolis!
Selfie at Brits Pub in Minneapolis!

As I mentioned in my pervious post, Ten Years & Ten Images, I didn’t attend my ten year high school reunion.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go, it was simply that living in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, made travel back to the US more than once a year difficult and expensive.

I attended EuroSpring through Bemidji State University back in 2005 during my junior year of college.  It was a phenomenal experience with amazing people, resulting in a lot of personal growth and fantastic memories.  We had a little five-year get together back in 2010.  I was living in England at the time, so a quick trip back to Minnesota to meet up with my classmates wasn’t very feasible.

This year, now that I am living in Grand Forks (a quick five-hour interstate drive from Minneapolis), I was able to attend our ten year meet-up event.  Since I have never been to reunion, I was really irrationally nervous.  I still know a lot of these people.  I keep up with them-ish on facebook.  However, catching up with a group of people I hadn’t seen in years scared me.  Reunions (similar to each birthday) cause inevitable introspection–Where is my life going?  Ten years, and this is where I am?  Is this where I thought I would be?  Where do I want to be?  Am I happy?  Is this happiness?  

I went.  I loved it.  I stayed with one of my best friends, Sam.  I attended a delightful outdoor version of Two Gentlemen of Verona presented by the Classical Actor Ensemble.  On Saturday morning, Sam and I wandered through the Stone Arch Bridge Art Festival.  When we finally met up with our fellow EuroSpring classmates that evening, I wasn’t nervous.  I was only happy.  I was excited to catch up with everyone.  I felt relieved to be able to fully be my weirdo-self in a social setting.

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