Down Our Rabbit Hole: Introduction

Project Introduction:  Last September, I was approached by a local actor/writer/poet asking if I was interested in collaborating on a body of work combining both poetry and art.  I had met him a couple of times at other art events, and he seemed like a nice enough human.  I was ready to take on a new body of work and hopefully find some inspiration.

To be honest, despite my love of music and lyrics, I have never been much of one for poetry.  It isn’t that I don’t like poetry–poetry seems to exist in several levels (much like art, I suppose?) one level is super-abstract-beyond-my-comprehension-and-maybe-a-little-pretentious, while others feel very obvious or almost cliche.  Of course, poetry is created everywhere within that undesirable dichotomy (at least undesirable to me).  Luckily, some of the poetry in that middle ground is very striking, with imagery and emotions that strike something in my heart–also, luckily for me (and this collaborative project), the poetry of Jared Fladeland also fits, appropriately, in that latter category of poetry-I-actually-like.

After some discussion, we decided on a sort of back-and-forth artistic inspiration between our mediums–leading us down our own figurative artistic rabbit hole.  He would begin by writing a poem, aptly utilizing the theme of rabbit hole, then I would create a piece based on his poem.  From there he would create a new poem based on that piece of art, I would then create a work based on his poem—which would then inspire another poem, to inspire another work of art, to inspire another poem, to inspire another work of art…

I think you get the idea.

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