published: an easy alternative

The Written Word, “An Easy Alternative” Vol. 8/Iss. 4  pg. 82

I was quite surprised to receive a free magazine, the current issue of Art Journaling–with their standard accompanying note, “Hey!  We published your work! Check it out in this free issue of our magazine that we just sent you!  You are such an awesome artist!  YAY!”

Okay, I’m very much paraphrasing there.  Their notes are much more professional, and contain less exclamation marks. But, my version is a bit more fun, I think? If they asked nicely, I’d totally let them use it though.  I’m just nice like that.

Anyway, I assumed it was an accident. Since I hadn’t submitted any new work, and my last journal and article had been published in the previous issue–I wasn’t expecting anything.

However, I was delightfully pleased to see I had a full page focusing on the altered book text technique I use frequently in my journals.


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