artist’s way III: week 3 • artist date



834D5B65-7AAC-4A8B-BBAF-19EA14DC0ECBFor my artist date this week, I got back into visual journaling. I love art journaling and I’ve returned to the process again and again over the years.  While my style of journaling has evolved and changed throughout the years–the process of playing with artistic mediums and expressing thoughts and feelings through art is the same.

Inspired by Julia Cameron’s emphasis on the importance of affirmations to help reframe our perspectives of self. It’s easy to let the negative voice in your mind win, day after day–even when you know you are capable success.

Cameron assigned a task of writing out affirmations during the first week. We’re supposed to reread them daily. I wanted to create something that would help engage me more with my affirmations, so visual journal felt like the right choice.


I didn’t finish my art journal during my artist date, but I got a nice start on it. I’ve continued to add to it throughout the past week.




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