Carly Swenson, Visual Artist

image progression: merchant of venice IV

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Merchant of Venice IV • 12in x 16in • Mixed media collage on canvas • Carly Swenson • 2016

4 Replies to “image progression: merchant of venice IV”

  1. I love the use of the quotes, in the small room, with the curtain on the side. The colors and the lines give the picture a certain surreal quality.

    In this work you have achieved two of (for me) the most important roles of an artist: caused me to see “The Merchant of Venice” differently, and caused me to think. Thank you for these two gifts this morning.

    What gave birth to this work? I’m fascinated by the intersection of visual art and theater.


    1. This is a very brief explanation:, but really my best friend’s husband has a theatre company and the lobby space of the theatre where they were performing wasn’t particularly visually engaging, so he asked me to create a series of works that people could enjoy before the house opens.

      This series was tricky though, because with both plays there wasn’t really a protagonist that was likable. It was hard for my to relate to the plays, but ultimately I was able to find quotes and ideas to draw inspiration from.


      1. Thank you for your reply.

        Have you thought about sending this series to Shakespeare theaters and asking for commissions for some of their upcoming productions? In my limited experience they seem to choose local artists. You could make a strong case for the perspective of an outside artist.


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