artist’s way: week IV • artist date

Molly had been saving various items for their potential as mark-making tools.  The bubble wand was brilliant!

For this week’s artist date, I again forced my introverted self beyond my comfort zone to attend another art workshop.

An adorable neighborhood vintage supply/repurpose shop, Junket, hosts various artistic workshops and events that have peaked my interest for months. This past Friday was an Open Studio Creative Art Journaling Session with one of their Artists-in-Residence, Molly Anthony.

As with the meditative mandala drawing class I attended for my Week Two artist date, I still felt anxiety at the very idea of going. But, I know the more I try new things, the less daunting they’ll be, especially, when I realize-
“Seriously, me? What is the worst that can happen? You’re going to a place to make art with other humans who like to make art. Quit being weird.”

27750933_1644362182277124_3701946528546975784_nThe open studio session was an hour and a half. This was a good amount of time to check out the available materials, paints, papers, dye cuts, ephemera, etc. and get started.

I’ve been visual journaling for over a decade now, but it’s always fun and inspiring to see the styles of other artists. Molly had a lot of fun tools she’d been collecting for mark-making. She is also very dedicated which was super inspiring. Also, just working in a new setting with new/different materials is an inevitable, but welcome disruption from my standard routine and process. I only started a few pages, but it was certainly enjoyable.

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