DIY: decorative details | collage walls

Therefore, collage wall decorating is my method of choice. In my experience there are a few things to keep in mind with this style of displaying art.

• Know what you are working with. I like to unpack and lean my artwork against the walls, organizing them roughly by color.

• It’s nice to have a level. I don’t. But if you have one, it will make things easier to check if things are, you know, level.

• Pay attention to negative space. Since decorating with collage walls concentrates a lot of visual stimulus in one area, it’s easy to accidentally create overwhelming visual chaos. Pay attention to the space between the works, and how frames line up.

• Using minimalism in other areas creates a balance. Leave other large sections of wall blank other than a large bookshelf or one large piece, or a couple of accent mirrors. This minimalism helps balance the chaos.

• Group similar colors. Color cohesion makes the eye move calmly between the pieces instead of being overwhelmed by a barrage of color.

Image no. 1

Featured image (current apartment):
Collage art wall combining photography, art prints, and a large museum exhibition poster. Playing off the warm tones of the chaise, the works include warm yellows, oranges, and reds with neutral tones. I also used the recurring theme of female nudes.

Image no. 1 (Apartment 204a): 
I primarily hung works with a lot of blue shades and dark frames. The bits of orange, yellow, and pink are used sparingly to create a fun contrast with the use of complimentary colors.

More examples:

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