100 somethings project: faces • no. 1-10

I was inspired by Katrina Fowler to try the 100 Somethings Project when she shared what she had been creating after taking on the challenge. I became familiar with Katrina and her beautifully whimsical work and distinct style through the online Bloom True intuitive painting course taught by always inspiring Flora Bowley several years ago. (Which was a super amazing art experience, I would highly recommend it to anyone regardless of past art experience or skill level.)

Anyway, I want to be more free and playful when drawing/painting faces. I’ve noticed I tend to keep myself within a more rigid style and expectation of success when approaching the human face, than I do with any of my other work. Therefore, I started a pinterest board for reference and inspiration, and then, just started drawing.

I think Katrina’s approach to the challenge was more fluid and intuitive than mine is–and that’s probably a better way to go about it.  But for me, faces have never felt fluid or natural, so I am hoping by the time I’ve created 100 that will change.

So here we go!


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