DIY: decorative detail | string lighting


Yes, I’m more than willing to admit that string lights can feel a bit college-dorm-roomy. However, they can also feel whimsical, cozy, warm, bohemian, eclectic, and inviting.

So…I was aiming more towards those latter adjectives (because I do think “college-dorm-roomy” should be considered an adjective). I’ve used string lights in a few ways. The first is zig-zagging across my ceiling. I like it because it reminds me of string street lighting that hangs above alleys or cute walking streets in the summer.

Home-made lamp.

Another random thing I have recently tried, is this, umm…home-made lamp, I guess I’ll call it? I wrapped the lights all around this vintage dress form that I bought at an estate sale. I’m sure this brilliant aesthetic problem-solving, isn’t for everyone. But, it’s sort of fun. And adds brightness to my apartment. So that’s a win for me. Because I was wanting another floor lamp.

Finally, I hung some fun paper lantern style string lights in my bathroom (is the paper going to be an issue with the inevitable steam and condensation found in  a bathroom? Possibly.)  As I’ve gotten older, I appreciate a relaxing bath or shower even more. And as I’ve gotten older, my dislike for harsh florescent lighting has only increased. Therefore, this soft lighting creates a much more relaxing atmosphere.

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