accordion art journal collaboration w/ terry garrett


Terry Garrett is a fantastic artist who originally introduced me to art journaling teaching a workshop while I was in college, back in 2004. I fell in love with visual journaling, and it had been an on and off compulsion since then. As well as being an inspiring instructor, Terry is also a simply wonderful human. I’m lucky to have remained in contact with him here and there while moving about in the world.

In 2016, we worked together on this collaborative accordion-style art journal. Terry created the book, and we both added color and imagery to the pages, building off the other’s visual inspiration.



One Reply to “accordion art journal collaboration w/ terry garrett”

  1. Carly- thank you- I too am very happy we have remained in contact. Ron and I have moved to Albuquerque NM! We are getting settled in. I hope to start teaching workshops again. I will private message you on FB my address and I would love to have yours.


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