theater exhibition: twin cities horror festival 2018


This year, eight of my pieces were exhibited in conjunction with the seventh annual Minneapolis Horror Fest. If you live in the Twin Cities and haven’t yet checked out the Horror Fest, you totally should (assuming you enjoy theater and things that are spooky). It’s eleven days offering a variety of shorter plays as well as interactive experiences. The festival is held every year at The Southern Theater, which is a perfect venue. It’s just very fun and good-creepy event. So, seriously, mark your calendar to go check that out next year.

Anyway, I generally wouldn’t categorize my work as particularly creepy or disturbing. However, I still had several pieces from my Ancient Gods & Contemporary Circumstances exhibition that had an ominous atmosphere, as well as some darker intuitive acrylic paintings that worked well.

Coincidentally, I met one of the hard-working humans who organizes the event at a workshop.  She mentioned they were looking for visual art to exhibit during the festival, we chatted a bit, and we hung my work a few days later.  It’s delightful when things fall easily into place like that.  I sold four of the eight pieces displayed–so that’s also delightful.


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