varying artistic styles

People who follow my work probably notice I have several different styles and bodies of work I’m developing. While the bulk of my work is intuitively inspired-either acrylic or mixed media, I also love doing pet portraits for clients, as well as my own feminist/political side projects.

In an effort to develop and maintain more cohesive imagery to better cater to particular audiences, I’m reorganizing my work into three separate Instagram accounts. I realize someone who loves cute photos of my cat or pet portraits, might not be interested in political statements hand-lettered in mensural blood. People who are drawn to my feminist and political works, might not be interested in my on-going sketching projects or my bright abstract intuitive pieces. I’m slowly moving works from my original account to the appropriate new account. If you want to follow my work on Instagram (Awesome! Thank you so much for your support!)

IG: @nakedcarlyart | This is my original account, I will continue to post my intuitive art projects, mixed media works, mandala drawings, 100 somethings faces, etc. | My goal is to keep this as the most mainstream and approachable entrance point to my work.

IG: @mindfully.unapologetic | This account will host my more provocative imagery including my ongoing Bloodstream series, fun public/found art, and any other statement artwork I’m working on.

IG: @nakedcarlyart_pets | This account will now contain all my work progressions/close-ups/final works of commissioned pet paintings, as well as adorable photos of my own pets being weirdos, and pictures of the random neat animals that I just encounter along the way in my life.

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