image progression: fear of heights

The first image is the completed version, done during my live painting with Wayward Theater’s Mental Health Mixed Tape event. The hilariously clever storyteller shared his experiences with working through social anxiety attending all-night horror movie festivals in LA.

3 Replies to “image progression: fear of heights”

  1. This is going to sound ‘unartistic’ but what I really love about all painting is the places on the canvas where the paint is thin, and shows the underlying canvas ‘bumps’ … it says something about process and also contrasts with other parts of the canvas where paint has been applied thickly. Usually the paint rests on one side of the ‘bumps’ adding a sort of shadow to the composition. I think your painting shows this particularly well.


    1. That’s not unartistic at all. I think it’s appreciating an often overlooked subtlety that has its own beauty. Thanks for taking the time to share that. I get what you mean, it’s something that I think adds a nice contrast to the places with very thick paint. It gives work an authentic feeling.

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