probably improbable: podcast launch and cover art

Samantha Veldhouse Papke and I recently launched a comedy folklore/mythology podcast, Probably Improbable. It’s sort of like Lore or Myths and Legends, but less reliably researched, less well-written, and with more jokes about penises, occasional feminist rants, and adorable pets.

Probably Improbable Podcast

I love podcasts, some I’ve followed for over six years or so. Somehow, the hosts’ unique lives with their humor, flaws, and authenticity have this way of squiggling into your heart (I was going to say “worming into my heart” but I don’t like that mental image). Listening to comedy podcasts like The Flophouse, and My Brother, My Brother, and Me helped me feel more like my normal self, during the depressing struggles of ending my marriage. Improvised podcasts like Hello From the Magic Tavern, and Mission to Zyxx have kept me entertained while cleaning house (as well as increased my appreciation for improv). My Favorite Murder, And That’s Why We Drink, and Wine & Crime have taught me more than I ever really wanted to know about how truly terrifying humans can be, satiating my macabre interest in true crime–while also being utterly charming and relatable. Wonderful!, Still Buffering, Punch up the Jam, and Hey, Riddle, Riddle all provide a delightful distraction when I get overwhelmed with—well, how depressing everything currently seems to be in the world.

It’s like having friends who don’t know you’re their friend. I know that sounds creepy. But if you’re an avid podcast fan, you probably know what I mean. Podcasting is very accessible, so you’re bound to find that little niche of interesting humans creating appealing content–interesting content from relatable people with normal lives.

(I learned how to make quote means. If you enjoy them, you can keep up with them on our instagram account: @probablyimprobable or on our Facebook page.

I suppose that relatability is why I considered hosting a podcast. Sam and I had both hit a patch in our creative careers with a lot of rejections and frustrations. Personally, I’m feeling a bit burnt from writing proposals, gallery applications, and art submissions with little to show for my effort. I need to step back, make art, and regain my confidence. This break is also providing the perfect opportunity to explore this new creative endeavor.

So, we picked an idea, a format, and a name. I made the cover art (below). Sam wrote a theme song. I set up our website, and social media. I learned recording, editing, what an RSS feed is, saving audio file formats, etc. (if you get past the first two episodes the sound quality improves, I promise!)

Together, Sam and I are creating a project on our own terms–without permission from the elusive and ambiguous gatekeepers of formalized art careers. We’re putting it out into the world. We might only get 3 listeners other than our mothers (who may also stop listening), but it’s something new that we’ve both wanted to try, and we are. Our long-term success is also–Probably Improbable, but we’re doing it anyway.

My finalized design.
My original concept design.

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