bloodwork: a very scary time… (artist interpretation)

A very scary time for young men. • 22in x 30in • Mixed media (Menstrual blood/India ink/Graphite) • Carly Swenson • 2018

The concept for this piece was the beginning of my entire bloodwork series. The idea was to paint a portrait of president-sex-criminal with menstrual blood, antagonizing his misogynistic narcissism with my pussy. (Since, apparently “pussy” is family-friendly vocabulary now? I mean, as long as it’s just “locker room talk”.) It’s appalling to me that someone with such a clear record of corruption, sexism, and xenophobia won the highest office in our nation. He’s the epitome of rape culture and an embarrassment.

For this piece, I focused solely on quotes relating to women. Originally, I found over 70, but had to narrow it down because of limited space. I thought this expression of my personal frustration would help me find some peace, now that all this was out of my head. Instead, however, it started an entirely new body of work.

(My focus on his misogyny, in no way implies his treatment of women is any worse than his treatment of any other marginalized group. He has said equally awful and insulting things about people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, a nearly endless list of incoherent rhetoric, factually inaccurate statements and accusations.)

A very scary time for young men. (Detail image) • 22in x 30in • Mixed media (Menstrual blood/India ink/Graphite) • Carly Swenson • 2018
A very scary time for young men. (Detail image) • 22in x 30in • Mixed media (Menstrual blood/India ink/Graphite) • Carly Swenson • 2018

Quotes included in this work:

1. “You know, it doesn’t really matter what [they] write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.

2. “I have days where, if I come home — and I don’t want to sound too much like a chauvinist — but when I come home and dinner’s not ready, I go through the roof.”

3. “They’ll walk up, and they’ll flip their top, and they’ll flip their panties

4. “She’s six feet tall. She’s got the best body. If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

5. “She’s 17 and doing great — Ivanka. She made me promise, swear to her, that I would never date a girl younger than her.”

6. “I’m gonna get the bathing suits to be smaller and the heels to be higher”

7. “Unattractive both inside and out. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man — he made a good decision.”

8. “That must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees.” 

9. “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.”

10. “Look at that face. Would anybody vote for that?”

11. “26,000 unreported sexual assaults in the military — only 238 convictions. What did these geniuses expect when they put men & women together?”

12. “I think putting a wife to work is a dangerous thing”

13. “Women, you have to treat them like shit”

14. “I did try and fuck her. She was married.”

15. “There has to be some form of punishment [for abortion]”

16. “She was the winner, she gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem for us”

17. “I’m automatically attracted to beautiful–I just start kissing them.”

18. “A person who is very flat-chested is very hard to be a 10.”

19. “Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

20. “Can you imagine that, the face of our next president? I mean, she’s a woman, and I’m not supposed to say bad things, but really, folks, come on. Are we serious?”

21. “She’s gotten a little bit large. I don’t think you should dress like you weigh 120lbs.”

22. “I would never buy Ivana any decent jewels or pictures. Why give her negotiable assets?”

23. “I like kids. I mean, I won’t do anything to take care of them.”

24. “She’s certainly not hot.”

25. “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy America?”

26. “It’s certainly not groundbreaking news that the early victories by the women on The Apprentice were, to a very large extent, dependent on their sex appeal.”

27. “There’s something there, right? But you have to like freckles. I’ve seen a close-up of her chest. And a lot of freckles…She’s probably deeply troubled, and therefore great in bed.”

28. “You’ve got to deny, deny, deny and push back on these women.

29. “She’s just a woman. She can’t take the business”

30. “I was always of the opinion that aggression, sex drive, and everything that goes along with it was on the man’s part of the table, not the woman’s.”

31. “I tell friends who treat their wives magnificently, get treated like crap in return, ‘Be rougher and you’ll see a different relationship.

32. “Like you wouldn’t have your job if you weren’t beautiful.”

33. “You never get to the face because the body’s so good.” 

34. “She’s been with so many guys she makes me look like a baby, okay. And I just don’t even find her attractive.

35. “Does she have a good body? No. Does she have a fat ass? Absolutely.”

36. “It is a very scary time for young men in America, where you can be guilty of something you may not be guilty of. … Women are doing great.”

37. “Nobody cares about the talent. There’s only one talent you care about, and that’s the look talent. You don’t give a shit if a girl can play a violin like the greatest violinist in the world. You want to know what does she look like.”

38. “You’ve got to push back hard. You’ve got to deny anything that’s said about you. Never admit.” 

39. “Nobody has more respect for women than I do. Nobody. Nobody has more respect.”

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