Exhibition: Artists from the USA

Several works from my Bloodwork series have been included in a virtual exhibition of American emerging artists hosted by the YAG/Garage gallery in Pescara, Italy. 

In November 2019, the YAG/garage art gallery in Pescara (Italy) hosted the Young African Art project – Languages beyond the border, a residence with a final exhibition appointment that involved six young artists from the African continent. The experience was extremely positive, and from the beginning it motivated YAG/garage to continue the exploration of international artistic contexts.

The epochal disruption of the scenario and the new habits of life determined by the lockdown led YAG/garage to look for new strategies to meet artists and cultures of the world. Hence the YAG/garage on-line project which includes virtual exhibitions on the gallery’s website with authors operating in foreign countries.

After the exhibition on young Chilean art, the second appointment, with open on 20 December 2020 on the website www.yag.garage.com, involves a group of American artists, aged between 25 and 45, selected through the mediation of a foreign representative of the gallery, active in the state of Minnesota. The selected artists were asked to submit works to be exhibited in virtual spaces organized on the YAG website.

These works will be evaluated by a qualified jury, always with online interactions. The public will also be able to express their artist preferences by rating number of stars (min. 1 max. 5) . Finally, some works by the most voted artists will be purchased by the gallery and then exhibited at the YAG/garage in Pescara, in an exhibition scheduled for June 2021.

The American artists selected are: Alondra Garza, Carly Swenson, Chelsea Herman, Jonathan Herrera Soto, Nooshin Hakim, Jovan Speller, Kate Casanova, Kimberly Wetzel, Maria Alfaro, Merit Thursday, Papay Solomon, Sam Larom, Tamar Segev and Terresa Moses.” -YAG/garage

The evaluation commission is made up of:
Ivan D’Alberto, director of the YAG/garage
Silvio Maresca, director of Carlo Maresca SpA
Maurizio Coccia, director of the Center for Contemporary Art Palazzo
Lucarini di Trevi, Maila Buglioni, editor-in-chief of the magazine Segnonline
Alessandra Arnò, co-founder and director of the VisualContainer video-art platform
Viola D’Ambrosio, independent curator, musician as well as USA referent of YAG/garage

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