Sorry about that?

I know some people on one side of the spectrum (like my lovely grandmother) will be slightly disappointed by my naked artist branding. (But she also doesn’t use the internet)

On the opposite side are people who will, for entirely different reasons than my grandmother, also be disappointed.

Therefore, my work is appreciated by those in the middle.  You know, not so conservative in nature that the word naked makes you uncomfortable, and, well, definitely not porn.


I realize that is a pretty huge middle-of-the-bell-curve. Not everyone within that middle will like my work–of course. However, if you do like my work, you are probably in that middle.  You know, it’s that whole rectangles-are-squares-but-not-all-squares-are- rectangles.

I think I lost the plot there?

Anyway, I’m an artist. Some people like my work.  You might too.


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