art resume


Bemidji State University: Graduation 2006
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree: 2D emphasis / Minor: Art History

Solo Exhibitions~

Acknowledged or Not  Third Street Gallery, Grand Forks, ND
—Mar 5-31; Solo Exhibition

Ancient Gods & Contemporary Circumstances  Clube de Oficiais de BA4, Azores, Portugal
—Nov 22-Dec 30; International Solo Exhibition

Sonhos Melancolia  Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, Great Falls, MT
—July 23-Dec 14; Juried Solo Exhibition

Ancient Gods & Contemporary Circumstances  Academia de Juventude a das Artes de Ilha Terceira
Azores, Portugal
—Apr 26-May 26; Resident Artist International Solo Exhibition

Sete Pecados Sociais/Seven Social Sins  Museu de Angra do Heroismo, Azores, Portugal
—Feb 23-Jun 9; Invitational International Solo Exhibition

Momentary Visual Autobiography
Academia de Juventude a das Artes de Ilha Terceira, Azores, Portugal
—Mar 9-Apr 9; Invitational International Solo Exhibition

Unexpected Beauty and Darkness  
Talley Gallery, Bemidji State University
—Mar 5-16, 2005; Juried BFA Solo Exhibition

Group Exhibitions~

Art on the Plains XII
  Plains Art Museum, Fargo, ND
–Feb 13-May 22; Juried Group Exhibition

  Third Street Gallery, Grand Forks, ND

–Feb 5-28; Group Exhibition

The Peace Project Exhibition  Traveling Art Exhibition, California & New York
—Oct 5-Dec 1; Juried Traveling Group Exhibition

Style, Color, & Form
  Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, Great Falls, MT

–Dec 28, 2013-Feb 1; Juried Art Exhibition & Auction

Sismo de 1980: Exposição Colectiva de Pintura  Audiório Ramo Grande, Azores, Portugal —Feb 1-Mar 1; Invitational International Group Exhibition

Sismo de 1980Exposição Colectiva de Pintura  Angra Cultural Center, Azores, Portugal —Jan 1-15; Invitational International Group Exhibition

The Peace Project Exhibition
  Traveling Art Exhibition, California & New York
—Oct 5-Dec 1; Juried Group Exhibition

Outono Vivo  Audiório Ramo Grande, Azores, Portugal
–Oct 25-Nov 10; Invitational International Group Exhibition 

Then & Now  Translations Art Gallery, Canton, OH —Oct 2012; Group Exhibition

Acorianidade (Azoreanity)  Academia de Juventude a das Artes de Ilha Terceira
Azores, Portugal
—Oct 2012; Group Exhibition

The Peace Project Exhibition  Traveling Art Exhibition, California & New York
—Oct 6-Dec 1; Juried Traveling Group Exhibition

Seen/Unseen  Wiseman Gallery, Rogue Community College, Grants Pass, OR
—July 9-Aug 30; Juried Group Exhibition

The Peace Project Exhibition  Traveling Art Exhibition, California & New York
—Oct 22-Dec 1; Juried Traveling Group Exhibition

Art of Love/Love of Art  Averitt Center for the Arts, Statesboro GA
—Jan 21-Feb 25; Juried Group Exhibition

River Art  West Shore Gallery, Wormleysburg, PA
—Sep 25-Nov 6; Juried Group Exhibition

The Peace Project  The Whole 9, Los Angeles CA
—Feb 11-Mar 10; Juried Group Exhibition

Uncensored  Anderson Creative, Canton OH
—Oct 1-31; Juried Group Exhibition

Head to Toes: A Group Exhibition  The Art Studio, Cut Bank, MT
— Feb 14-28; Invitational Group Exhibition

Bound  Touché Gallery, Bemidji State University
—Apr 1-30; Alumni Group Exhibition


Art Journaling by Somerset Studio, The Written Word, “An Easy Alternative” Vol. 8/Iss. 4 (Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2016) pg. 82

Rupard, Wade  Back to Basics: Artist Uses Stream of Consciousness to Create Latest Pieces Grand Forks Herald, Grand Forks ND Mar 13, 2015 p. C1

The Peace Project The Whole 9, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015

Burnard, Paulette 
“Lajes Now: Episode 99” (Seven Social Sins Interview)
LC-TV Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal Aug 23, 2013

Almeida, Ana Lucia “We Sin atMAH!”  (Portuguese Translation) Fazendo Magazine no. 86
Terceira, Azores, Portugal Jun 15, 2013 p. 13

Barcelos, Carina “In the Hands or Carly Swenson, Anything Can Be Art” (Portuguese
Translation) Di Domingo, Terceira, Azores, Portugal Mar 3, 2013 p. 16 & 17

Bates, Trishell “Carly Swenson is the New Black” Accents Magazine,
Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal Jul 1, 2013 p. 17

Burke, Pam “An Artist’s Lens” Havre Daily News, Havre MT Jul 19, 2013 p. B1 & B3

Oliveira, Álamo “Carly Swenson Exhibition in Praia” (Portuguese Translation)
Diario Insular, Terceira, Azores, Portugal Apr 4, 2013 p. 12

Sorich, Jake “Swenson Exhibit at the Square” Great Falls Tribune, Great Falls MT
Jul 19, 2013 p. 2

Burnard, Paulette “Lajes Now: Episode 84” (Interview)
LC-TV Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal Oct 12, 2012

Sometimes Out of Turn, Cover, Finishing Line Press, Jan 2012


Awards & Residencies~

2015:  Prism Award: Peace Project 2015, The Whole 9 • Culver City, CA
2012-13:  Academia de Juventude: Artist Residency • Praia de Vitoria, Azores, Portugal
2009:  USAF Gallery Showcase Special Achievement Award • Lakenheath, UK
2006:  Dalzatto Art Purchase Award: Gold • Bemidji MN


“Adventures in Change: Self-Realization through Art Journaling”
Somerset Art Journaling, Vol. 9/Iss. 2
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2017) p. 48-53

“Setting Goals” Somerset Art Journaling, Vol. 8/Iss. 2
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2016) p. 88-92

“Art is My Voice” Somerset Art Journaling, Vol. 6/Iss. 3
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2014) p. 106-111

“High Fashion” Digital Inspiration, Vol. 1
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2014) p. 160-163

“Gallery {Carly Swenson}” Somerset Art Journaling, Vol. 5/Iss. 3
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2013) p. 138-139

“Altered Endings” Somerset Art Journaling, Vol. 4/Iss. 4
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2012) p. 80-84

“Gallery {Carly Swenson}” Somerset Art Journaling, Vol. 4/Iss. 2
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2012) p. 128-129

“A Love of Journaling” Somerset Art Journaling, Vol. 3/Iss. 2
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2011) p. 64-67

“High Fashion” Somerset Digital Studio, Spring Iss.
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2011) p. 54-57

Lectures, Presentations & Workshops

Artist Demonstration:
Grand Cities Art Fest 2015, Grand Forks, ND

Artist Demonstration: Young Professionals ArtSee, April 2015, Grand Forks, ND

Art Journaling Workshop: Lajes Girl Scouts, Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal

Artist Lecture: Sonhos Melancholia, Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, Great Falls, MT

Youth Art Workshop:  Seven Social Sins Exhibition
Museu de Angra do Heroísmo, Azores, Portugal

International Women’s Day Event:  Lunch with Carly
Museu de Angra do Heroísmo, Azores, Portugal

Artist Demonstration: Ely Art Society, Ely, Cambridgeshire UK

Related Artistic Experience~

Fireroast Coffee & Wine Bar Featured Artist: August 2017, Minneapolis, MN
Boiler Room Coffee Featured Artist:
October-December 2016, Minneapolis, MN
Curious Featured Artist: October 2015, Grand Forks, ND
TAG (The Art of Giving):
Charity Art Exhibition & Sale Nov 20, 2015, Grand Forks, ND

Dakota Harvest Featured Artist:
July 2015, Grand Forks, ND
Grand Cities Art Fest 2015: Juried Art Festival June 13 & 14, , Grand Forks, ND
Young Professionals ArtSee 2015: April 2015, Grand Forks, ND
Living Sage Featured Artist: February 2015, Grand Forks, ND
TAG (The Art of Giving):
Charity Art Exhibition & Sale Sep 19 2014, Grand Forks, ND
International Sketchbook Project 
2014 & 2013, United States
Volunteer Art Class for at-risk Youth
Jun-Dec 2014, Grand Forks ND
NoVac Summer Art & Wine Walks Jul-Oct 2014, Grand Forks, ND
Facilitated LSC Art with a Twist Events
Mar & Jul 2013/Feb 2014, Lajes Field, Azores
Private Art Lessons  Jan 2013-Feb 2014, Lajes Field, Azores
Visual Information Specialist 65 FSS Marketing, Mar 2013- 2014, Lajes Field, Azores
Volunteer Children’s Mural Painting March 2009, RAF Lakenheath, UK
Visual Information Specialist 48 FSS Marketing, Dec 2007-Oct 2009, Lakenheath UK
Commissioned Elementary School Mural Painting Feb 2007, Havre MT
Touché Gallery Director Bemidji State University Aug 2005-Jun 2006, Bemidji MN
Art Internship: Holter Museum of Art Jun 2005, Helena MT
Life Drawing Model Bemidji State University Jan 2003-Mar 2005, Bemidji MN

Permanent Collections~

Museu de Angra do Heroísmo Azores, Portugal
Bemidji State University Bemidji, MN

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