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Bemidji State University | BFA Visual Arts | Art History Minor

Solo Exhibitions:

Acknowledged or Not  Third Street Gallery, Grand Forks, ND | Mar 5-31

Ancient Gods & Contemporary Circumstances  Clube de Oficiais de BA4, Azores, Portugal | Nov 22-Dec 30
Sonhos Melancolia  Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, Great Falls, MT | Jul 23-Dec 14, Juried Exhibition
Ancient Gods & Contemporary Circumstances  Academia de Juventude a das Artes de Ilha Terceira, Azores, Portugal | Apr 26-May 26
Sete Pecados Sociais/Seven Social Sins  Museu de Angra do Heroismo, Azores, Portugal
 | Feb 23-Jun 9, Invitational Exhibition

Momentary Visual Autobiography
Academia de Juventude a das Artes de Ilha Terceira, Azores, Portugal | 
Mar 9-Apr 9, Invitational Exhibition

Unexpected Beauty and Darkness  
Talley Gallery, Bemidji State University |Mar 5-16, Juried BFA Exhibition

Group Exhibitions:

Art on the Plains XII
  Plains Art Museum, Fargo, ND | 
Feb 13-May 22, Juried Exhibition

  Third Street Gallery, Grand Forks, ND | 
Feb 5-28
The Peace Project Exhibition California & New York | Oct 5-Dec 1, Juried Traveling Exhibition

Style, Color, & Form
  Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art, Great Falls, MT | 
Dec 28, 2013-Feb 1, Juried Art Exhibition & Auction
Sismo de 1980: Exposição Colectiva de Pintura  Audiório Ramo Grande, Azores, Portugal | Feb 1-Mar 1, Invitational Exhibition
Sismo de 1980Exposição Colectiva de Pintura  Angra Cultural Center, Azores, Portugal | Jan 1-15, Invitational Exhibition

The Peace Project Exhibition
 California & New York | 
Oct 5-Dec 1; Juried Traveling Exhibition
Outono Vivo  Audiório Ramo Grande, Azores, Portugal | Oct 25-Nov 10; Invitational Exhibition 

Then & Now  Translations Art Gallery, Canton, OH | Oct 2012
Acorianidade (Azoreanity)  Academia de Juventude a das Artes de Ilha Terceira Azores, Portugal | Oct 2012
The Peace Project Exhibition  Traveling Art Exhibition, California & New York | Oct 6-Dec 1, Juried Traveling Exhibition
Seen/Unseen  Wiseman Gallery, Rogue Community College, Grants Pass, OR | Jul 9-Aug 30, Juried Exhibition

The Peace Project Exhibition  California & New York | Oct 22-Dec 1; Juried Traveling Exhibition
Art of Love/Love of Art  Averitt Center for the Arts, Statesboro GA | Jan 21-Feb 25, Juried Exhibition

River Art  West Shore Gallery, Wormleysburg, PA | Sep 25-Nov 6; Juried Exhibition
The Peace Project  The Whole 9, Los Angeles CA | Feb 11-Mar 10; Juried Exhibition
Uncensored  Anderson Creative, Canton OH | Oct 1-31,  Juried Exhibition
Head to Toes: A Group Exhibition  The Art Studio, Cut Bank, MT | Feb 14-28, Invitational Exhibition

Bound  Touché Gallery, Bemidji State University | Apr 1-30; Alumni Exhibition


•  Art Journaling by Somerset Studio, The Written Word, “An Easy Alternative” Vol. 8/Iss. 4 (Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2016) pg. 82

•  Rupard, Wade  Back to Basics: Artist Uses Stream of Consciousness to Create Latest Pieces Grand Forks Herald, Grand Forks ND Mar 13, 2015 p. C1
•  The Peace Project The Whole 9, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015

•   Burnard, Paulette 
“Lajes Now: Episode 99” (Seven Social Sins Interview)
LC-TV Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal Aug 23, 2013
•   Almeida, Ana Lucia We Sin atMAH! (Portuguese Translation)
Fazendo Magazine no. 86 
Terceira, Azores, Portugal Jun 15, 2013 p. 13
•  Barcelos, Carina “In the Hands or Carly Swenson, Anything Can Be Art” (Portuguese
Translation) Di Domingo, Terceira, Azores, Portugal Mar 3, 2013 p. 16 & 17
•  Bates, Trishell “Carly Swenson is the New Black” Accents Magazine,
Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal Jul 1, 2013 p. 17
•  Burke, Pam “An Artist’s Lens” Havre Daily News, Havre MT Jul 19, 2013 p. B1 & B3
•  Oliveira, Álamo “Carly Swenson Exhibition in Praia” (Portuguese Translation)
Diario Insular, Terceira, Azores, Portugal Apr 4, 2013 p. 12
•  Sorich, Jake “Swenson Exhibit at the Square” Great Falls Tribune, Great Falls MT
Jul 19, 2013 p. 2

•  Burnard, Paulette “Lajes Now: Episode 84” (Interview)
LC-TV Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal Oct 12, 2012
•  Sometimes Out of Turn, Cover, Finishing Line Press, Jan 2012


2015:  Prism Award: Peace Project 2015, The Whole 9 | Culver City, CA
2009:  USAF Gallery Showcase Special Achievement Award | Lakenheath, UK
2006:  Dalzatto Art Purchase Award: Gold | Bemidji MN


“Adventures in Change: Self-Realization through Art Journaling”
Somerset Art Journaling, Vol. 9/Iss. 2

(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2017) p. 48-53
“Setting Goals” Somerset Art Journaling, Vol. 8/Iss. 2
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2016) p. 88-92
“Art is My Voice” Somerset Art Journaling, Vol. 6/Iss. 3
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2014) p. 106-111
“High Fashion” Digital Inspiration, Vol. 1
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2014) p. 160-163
“Gallery {Carly Swenson}” Somerset Art Journaling, Vol. 5/Iss. 3
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2013) p. 138-139
“Altered Endings” Somerset Art Journaling, Vol. 4/Iss. 4
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2012) p. 80-84
“Gallery {Carly Swenson}” Somerset Art Journaling, Vol. 4/Iss. 2
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2012) p. 128-129
“A Love of Journaling” Somerset Art Journaling, Vol. 3/Iss. 2
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2011) p. 64-67
“High Fashion” Somerset Digital Studio, Spring Iss.
(Laguna Hills, CA: Stampington & Co. LLC 2011) p. 54-57

Lectures, Presentations, & Workshops:

Artist Demonstration:
Grand Cities Art Fest 2015, Grand Forks, ND
Artist Demonstration: Young Professionals ArtSee, April 2015, Grand Forks, ND

Art Journaling Workshop: Lajes Girl Scouts, Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal

Artist Lecture: Sonhos Melancholia, Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art | Great Falls, MT
Youth Art Workshop:  Seven Social Sins Exhibition
Museu de Angra do Heroísmo | Azores, Portugal
International Women’s Day Event:  Lunch with Carly 
Museu de Angra do Heroísmo | Azores, Portugal

Artist Demonstration: Ely Art Society, Ely | Cambridgeshire UK

Related Artistic Experience:

Black Coffee & Waffle Bar Featured ArtistMay-Jul 2018 | Minneapolis, MN 
Fireroast Coffee & Wine Bar Featured Artist
Aug 2017 | Minneapolis, MN
Boiler Room Coffee Featured Artist:
Oct-Dec 2016 | Minneapolis, MN
Curious Featured Artist: Oct 2015 | Grand Forks, ND
TAG (The Art of Giving):
Charity Art Exhibition & SaleNov 2015 | Grand Forks, ND
Dakota Harvest Featured Artist:
Jul 2015 | Grand Forks, ND
Grand Cities Art Fest 2015: Juried Art Festival Jun 2015 | Grand Forks, ND
Young Professionals ArtSee 2015: Apr 2015 | Grand Forks, ND
Living Sage Featured Artist: Feb 2015 | Grand Forks, ND
TAG (The Art of Giving):
Charity Art Exhibition & Sale Sep 2014 | Grand Forks, ND
International Sketchbook Project 
2014 & 2013  | United States
Volunteer Art Class for at-risk Youth
Jun-Dec 2014 | Grand Forks ND
NoVac Summer Art & Wine Walks Jul-Oct 2014 | Grand Forks, ND
Facilitated LSC Art with a Twist Events
Mar & Jul 2013/Feb 2014 | Lajes Field, Azores
Private Art Lessons  Jan 2013-Feb 2014 | Lajes Field, Azores
Visual Information Specialist 65 FSS Marketing, Mar 2013- 2014 | Lajes Field, Azores

Volunteer Children’s Mural Painting Mar 2009 | RAF Lakenheath, UK
Visual Information Specialist 48 FSS Marketing, Dec 2007-Oct 2009 | Lakenheath UK
Commissioned Elementary School Mural Painting Feb 2007 | Havre MT
Touché Gallery Director Bemidji State University Aug 2005-Jun 2006, Bemidji MN
Art Internship: Holter Museum of Art Jun 2005, Helena MT
Life Drawing Model Bemidji State University Jan 2003-Mar 2005, Bemidji MN

Permanent Collections:

Museu de Angra do Heroísmo Azores, Portugal
Bemidji State University Bemidji, MN

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