Artist Statement

As I evolved into an intuitive artist, my work gained its own presence. Painting with no expectations, I’m fully embracing uncertainty with colors, textures, and brush strokes that simply feel right. I focus on the mindful act of creating, instead of the end result. Abstract layers eventually become atmospheric. Implied forms reveal themselves and I intuitively fill in imagery. It’s similar to the way we find animal shapes in clouds or faces in tree bark.

Painting without an identifiable concept of success is daunting and beautifully freeing. Finished works take on an unintentionally surreal quality.

Messy. Detailed. Colorful. Meaningful. Subtle. Restless. Energetic. Trivial. Tranquil. The ambiguous and contradictory nature of the human experience is mirrored in my work. Emerging shapes and patterns of lucidity fade into the background. Intentional structure turns random. For viewers engaging with my work, color evokes emotions and imagery provokes memory. That fleeting idea of who we are or who we’re supposed to be.

Like our own perceptions of life, nearly understood then slipping away. Beauty formed from cacophony into a calming sense of peace. A precious moment only for yourself lost in art. This moment.

And then it’s gone. Again.

Below are two brief examples of how my paintings develop from abstract layers into a finished work, as well as three close-up detail images from the finished piece.

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