If you’ve purchased/commissioned/received original artwork from me, and willing to share your experience, please fill out this form.

Carly’s work is gorgeous, haunting, and visceral. I have a number of her pieces in my home and office, and they always provoke conversation and admiration. Her commission work is also incredible. She did a custom work of my sister’s golden retriever for Christmas a few years ago, and it’s one of her favorite pieces. Her new, more political work is impactful, beautiful, and terrifying. Definitely check out this amazing woman’s work.”

-J. Kinden {Minneapolis, MN}

“Carly’s art is stunning and SO creative!”

-P. L. Veis {Havre, MT}

“I recently purchased one of Carly’s paintings after seeing it on Facebook. I was immediately drawn to its luscious textures, rich colors, and beautiful composition. Its price was exceptionally reasonable. When I met Carly to pick up the painting, I was delighted by additional details in the work that I had not noticed in the photographs. Carly’s painting is now in my home where I see and enjoy it multiple times each day.”

-Scott P. {Saint Paul, MN}

“Love my pet portrait gifted to me by my awesome little sis. I feel like your painting is almost moving the way the colors and textures are used. You captured my pups perfectly. Thank you!”

-K. Campos {Cameron Park, CA}

“I love your work. I love how you put your heart and soul into every piece. My home is a better place because your artwork covers its walls.”

-M. Harris {Converse, TX}

“I wish I was better at expressing myself through written language. So I could say more than I am happy with my pieces and am glad I bought them. Your Art is Awesome, Keep it up.”

-M. Lester {Butte, MT}

“I had Carly create a piece for my sister. I sent her themes, images, and a link to my sister’s webpage to get an idea of the work. Carly was enthusiastic and worked closely with me throughout the process, even though I was in a different state, sending me updates in the form of pictures and dates. She was also helpful in getting the piece delivered(I believe she hand delivered it!) This was a great experience and both myself and my sister were so happy with how it turned out!”

-M. LeClaire {Daly City, CA}

“Carly’s work is so unique and original in its presentation. It draws you in to explore, and is an adventure in discovery! A wonderful addition to my home!”

-S. Freier {Havre, MT}

“By now I’ve bought 3 Carly Swenson paintings. The first time I saw her work was at the Garage Theater on Franklin Ave for a production of Merchant of Venice. She had created some large paintings inspired by the play, evoking the canals of Venice with the aquatic blues and greens that she favors.

I got in touch with her to ask about her paintings and discovered not only a sensitive painter but also an intelligent artist who cares passionately about the world she lives in. I bought one of her paintings with a submarine motif for myself and a painting with a platypus for my grandson Justin, who styles himself “The Platypus Man.”

When she started doing commissioned work, my next move was obvious. My daughter-in-law Anne is a definite Cat Lady and she had just adopted 3 kittens. Carly’s portrait captured the individual look of each of them and is the first thing see you see when you walk into the house.

l love to gaze at the painting I own , not only for the colors but also the composition and symbols. I’m always discovering different moods, now dreamy, now whimsical and sometimes even a certain edge. It’s one of my favorite paintings in my collection.”

-C. Shillock {Minneapolis, MN}

“Carly made the best birthday present I’ve ever received – a commissioned painting. She perfectly coordinated with the colors and shapes of the space where I wanted it displayed and incorporated my favorite quote. It has all the feel of a Carly original and hangs up as an inspiration every day! If you’ve ever thought about having your favorite quote put into artwork – Carly is a great artist for the job!”

-B. Cruger {Grand Forks, ND}

“I love Carly’s art. I never tire of looking at the colors, patterns and flow of her work. Each piece is unique with multiple layers and images. Looking at her artwork brings me pleasure every day.”

-K. Swenson {Havre, MT}

“I have several pieces in my apartment. A few were from a collaboration we did which was an inspiring and rewarding experience. I have some older pieces of yours that add the exact mood I want in my apartment. The collection feels like it speaks to who I am as a person. And I also have one commissioned piece.

You took my ideas and images, as well as your knowledge of me as a human, and created art that still touched me artistically years later. It is a reminder of who I am as a theatre artist and human, and what I hope to accomplish in all my work. When I have new guests in my home it is as much a tour of the art pieces in my home.

I love having original art on my walls instead of mass produced work. This was possible because of their affordability with some of your smaller works. And I was able to save up for some of your larger works and the commissioned piece. I recommend your art to everyone I know who might be interested.”

-E. Fladeland {Saint Paul, MN}

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