why naked?

I frequently get asked–why naked?

I consider my work to be an intricate part me. My ideals, thoughts, convictions, emotions, experiences, insecurities, hopes, rejections, disappointments, and passions all manifest themselves in my work and defining an aspect of who I am as a human as well as an artist. This is beautiful, freeing, and completely terrifying.

Through my work, I’m completely vulnerable, open to acceptance and appreciation or dismissal and failure. My work is metaphorically naked, an honest and raw aspect of me.

Get naked or leave…?

nude artist, photo/copyright: Mandy Blevins 2011
nude artist, photo/copyright: Mandy Blevins 2011

I’ve been literally naked as a life model in drawing classes and as an alternative model for photography.

In some ways modeling, specifically for photographers, was a perfect distraction–a way to avoid the doubts and struggles of pursuing my own art. As a model, I felt less exposed, I was risking very little (artistically) on my part. As the artist, I’m vulnerable.  I feel far more exposed with my own art than I ever did nude in front of a camera or a room full of classmates. That might sound silly or pretentious but it’s the most accurate way I can explain ‘naked carly art’.


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