Commissioned Work

Commissioned Work:

I gladly take on commission pieces.  If you have any questions regarding concept, style, size or price—please don’t hesitate to contact me.

The following are samples of works commissioned by clients.

Commissioned work tends to fall into one of four categories.

I.  Original work of art as a gift. Each client explained the concept, traits, or imagery that they felt best captured what they love about the recipient.  From there I find papers, colors, ephemera, found objects that fit the theme.  Most of my creative process is instinctual and can’t be planned before the actual piece has begun.  However, the client receives updated photos as the work progresses to provide input throughout the process.

II. Pet portraiture for themselves, or a gift. For these works, I use acrylic on canvas. The client provides a digital photo or photos of the pet.  I sketch the pets on canvas with watercolor pencil, and then paint in layers, while still sending work-in-progress photos to the client.

III. Gift for self or family using ephemera meaningful to the client (ex. children’s drawings, vintage photos, ticket stubs, old recipe cards, seashells, foreign money, family photos, travel brochures, matchbooks, etc.) For these pieces, I use original items (or sometimes digital copies) from clients that hold special meaning and memories.  These items often get dusty in a drawer, thrown away, or at best placed in a scrapbook.  This style of art provides the perfect opportunity to use those items in meaningful custom original artwork.

IV. Custom artwork for the client themselves. 

I’m always interested in commission work, publication, exhibition, and licensing opportunities.  Please feel free to contact me nakedcarlyart(at)gmail (dot)com with any inquiries you may have.

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