artist statement

Me talking about art. (photo by: Paulo Lopes Lobão 2013)
Speaking about my work at my Seven Social Sins Exhibition at the Angra Museum (photo by: Paulo Lopes Lobão 2013)

After a difficult internal struggle regarding what constitutes art, its place in our persistently changing world, and the purposes it should, or shouldn’t, achieve; I have come to the conclusion that despite the worsening global economic and political conditions, the catastrophic effects of global warming, war and disease, it is important to create art that allows a form of beauty to prevail. For me, art should provoke a thoughtful assessment of various circumstances, issues and perceptions. However, this world has enough malevolence and sorrow; I feel it is not my place to bring works of art into existence that solely draw attention to the ugly truths of the human condition. Yet, I strongly believe that those truths and circumstances are not to be ignored.

Commerce without Morality I
Commerce without Morality I

My art is a juxtaposition of classical, conceptual and ordinary imagery to create aesthetically intriguing and thought provoking pieces. I find historical changes in art, culture, religious interpretations and social conventions infinitely fascinating and I incorporate those into my art. In the majority of my work, I combine identifiable images and ideas to create a surreal appearance and dreamlike effect. Ideally, viewers make their own interpretations based on comparisons, commentary or observations depicted in my work. I use common animals, objects and other easily recognizable forms because everyone has their own associations with such familiar forms, allowing their unique minds and feelings to discover meaning in a piece.

I choose to work in mixed media because it gives me the freedom to utilize different supplies, while adding textures and tangible materials creates an effect that I find alluring. Ultimately, I want my work to express what I can’t verbally articulate.

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