100 somethings project: faces • no. 1-10

I was inspired by Katrina Fowler to try the 100 Somethings Project when she shared what she had been creating after taking on the challenge. I became familiar with Katrina and her beautifully whimsical work and distinct style through the online Bloom True intuitive painting course taught by always inspiring Flora Bowley several years ago.... Continue Reading →

my failed marriage & the subsequent two years: part 1 • making peace with the unanswerable

Recently, a well-intentioned kind human mentioned I should stop dwelling on these bad points in my life and move on to my brighter future (referring to several posts regarding my marriage and subsequent divorce). The thing is--I have moved on. (Or at lest I'm well into the process of moving on.) The fact that I'm... Continue Reading →

thirty-four at 34

I spent the majority of my thirty-third year of existence somehow convinced I was thirty-four.  I have no idea why. I asked Sam, who was born in a blizzard in rural Minnesota in February of 1984, how old she just turned amidst my absurd confusion. She sweetly replied, "Carlis, you are 33. Don't worry. I... Continue Reading →

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